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Welcome to A Way With Words International

A website created to inspire and ignite your fire. It is my hope that through my shared experiences, you will gain new insights and be empowered to be your authentic self. 

Latest from the Blog

Renewed Hope

SearchingYearningLearningI’m bursting at my seamsAs a caterpillarEmergingFromTheConfinesOf DARKNESSWhich around meWas lurkingI’ve got my voice backI’ve seen the lightAlas! At lastI can take my flightFlight to victoryNo cocoon can pin meI’ve made my entry into the real meNot hidingJust glidingOn the wind beneathThat gently elevates meTaking me to gloryLike our risen ChristI have the victory! ByContinue reading “Renewed Hope”

Keep Calm and Wait

For what have you been waiting? Yes, really? What have you been praying about, waiting for, pursuing? What’s that thing that keeps eluding you no matter how hard you try? You have not been lazy about it as you have certainly done your part. However, for some reason or another, obstacles keep it far fromContinue reading “Keep Calm and Wait”

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