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Renewed Hope

I’m bursting at my seams
As a caterpillar
Which around me
Was lurking
I’ve got my voice back
I’ve seen the light
Alas! At last
I can take my flight
Flight to victory
No cocoon can pin me
I’ve made my entry into the real me
Not hiding
Just gliding
On the wind beneath
That gently elevates me
Taking me to glory
Like our risen Christ
I have the victory!

By Chrisan Blake

Hello family! I decided to share this poem with you that I wrote on April 12, 2020. I was going through a very dark period which caused me to do some very deep reflection. By the time, I wrote the poem I had started to gain strength and new insight. Life can get tough sometimes, but it is always great when we can find hope within. Well, thanks to God who is the true source of hope in our lives. He lives within us so we always have hope no matter how dark our circumstances get.

Have a great week!





Published by CKB

My name is Chrisan Blake, a young woman with many dreams. I am a motivational speaker, poet, singer, song writer, teacher and translator who desires to make this world a better place through my many experiences and perspectives. I have promised myself to do everything within my power to leave a positive mark on this world both for the present and future generations. I am a lover of languages. I particularly, enjoy dissecting words like dissecting frogs in a biology lab. I like dissecting words and then arriving at meanings or coming up with my own hypotheses as to the origin of the words and their intended meaning even before looking them up in dictionaries. I particularly enjoy doing this with languages such as Spanish and French. In addition I am a person who has been practicing journaling since I was a teenager and I have come to realise its power to sooth the mind especially in seasons of distress. It also serves as a point of reference for seeing how life still worked out and keeps working out despite all the pain I may have undergone. I believe in people, I believe in God and I believe in making a difference. It is my hope that through my writings people will find enlightenment, encouragement and hope to go on another day. After all my university lecturer once told me, "Chrisan I realise that you have a way with words". I hope my words will impact readers greatly.

7 thoughts on “Renewed Hope

  1. Very beautiful poem Chrisan. I am inspired to keep fighting and to continue to strive for all that I want to achieve in this life…Both in the physical and spiritual.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments Rashema. Indeed! Keep on striving for what you want to achieve in life. Indeed, there is greatness within you.


  2. Beautiful indeed! What a lesson for us, to learn to travel within ourselves when things are not going right. God will always help us, He will show us, He will guide us. Let us not be afraid to take that trip within.
    Thanks Chrisan!


  3. Lovely poem Chrisan. Challenges in life bring out the Greatness that is inside just as the gold is purified by fire. Continue writing and sharing those beautiful insights. God bless you.


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