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My reflection on the Covid-19 Pandemic

A Personal Reflection on the Impact of Covid19

The Covid-19 situation seems to be getting worse. New variants are on the rise and many people’s travel plans and work lives have been in jeopardy. For some time now, it seems that things were normalising. Here in France for example schools have long re-opened for face-to-face classes, many people who were working from home started to go in for at least two days per week, bars and restaurants have re-opened, theatres, cabarets, and other functions have started seeing patrons again. But in the split of a second, all these steps in a new direction might have to be retracted.

Not long ago we first heard about the omicron variant. Now, it is the topic of every French and international news as its ability to spread is unlike any other variant that preceded it.  Covid cases have sky-rocketed to record highs in countries such as England, France, Denmark, Germany, and many others. As a result, many people are getting sick, causing disturbances in work as well as new travel restrictions. When will it all end? Now there is a new variant called IHU, which based on reports, has the highest number of mutations when compared to all the other variants that preceded it. What shall we say then? Shall we now live a life of fear?

To be honest, I realise how the news and these constant changes in the covid 19 situation are evoking more and more fear in the lives of people but I refuse to fall prey. I just have to do the best I can but I cannot afford to become paranoid like some of my dear friends. Many of us have become like Monk (from the television drama series) levying some very unfair stipulations on friends and families if they visit. We tell them to take a test before they come to our homes and the like. We spray them from head to toe with Lysol. Not only are we polluting the air but we are also contributing to respiratory problems in our own selves and in our friends.  I get it. We all have to protect ourselves but when we go to the supermarket for example we do not get the chance to tell all the shoppers and workers to produce a negative covid test before they come there. So why are we so strict with our family and friends?

Covid 19 Guilt Syndrome?

 Another thing, I am now seeing the trend is to hide our Covid-19 status. Why is this so? We are already victims of this dreadful disease so why should we also bear the burden of guilt for catching it? Do we go out of our way to catch it? (Unless you know you were careless) Also, why are we so hard on others who unfortunately caught Covid-19 and as a result their parents or elderly living at home died because they caught it too? Do you think the person intentionally went to work in search of Covid, caught it, went home to their parents, and said “Hey mom I brought a special gift for you so that you can leave us early? This world is too crazy for you to live in.” How pathetic! I see people are going through so much trauma. Not only because their loved ones died but because they were presumed to be the carrier of the disease which resulted in the death and hence the one to blame. Families blame and hate on them, community members gossip about them among other things which I would rather not talk about now. I have seen this in my country back home and I really do not like this trend.

Let us be conscientious citizens. Now, more than ever we need to show love and compassion. I pray for healing if you and/or your family members are currently sick because of Covid. May you have loving people around you to help you get over this. And in case you had a family member who died because of this dreaded disease, please, now is not the time to play the blame game. Now is the time to comfort each other. And lastly but by no means least let us not devoid ourselves of the responsibility that we have to our family, friends, and fellow man. If you are having Covid symptoms, it is best to stay home and protect those around you. Also, if you came in contact with a person with Covid-19, please stay home for at least seven days and then do a test to check your status. And most importantly, if you have been confirmed to have Covid, please don’t keep it a secret and go out because you are too bored at home. You could very well come in contact with a person with a weak immune system who catches it from you and then dies. That unknown person to you is someone’s best friend, father, mother, grandma, husband, or wife.

Let us show love every day in our actions. Indeed, let us have a happy and responsible New Year filled with compassion!

From a concerned world citizen.

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Published by CKB

My name is Chrisan Blake, a young woman with many dreams. I am a motivational speaker, poet, singer, song writer, teacher and translator who desires to make this world a better place through my many experiences and perspectives. I have promised myself to do everything within my power to leave a positive mark on this world both for the present and future generations. I am a lover of languages. I particularly, enjoy dissecting words like dissecting frogs in a biology lab. I like dissecting words and then arriving at meanings or coming up with my own hypotheses as to the origin of the words and their intended meaning even before looking them up in dictionaries. I particularly enjoy doing this with languages such as Spanish and French. In addition I am a person who has been practicing journaling since I was a teenager and I have come to realise its power to sooth the mind especially in seasons of distress. It also serves as a point of reference for seeing how life still worked out and keeps working out despite all the pain I may have undergone. I believe in people, I believe in God and I believe in making a difference. It is my hope that through my writings people will find enlightenment, encouragement and hope to go on another day. After all my university lecturer once told me, "Chrisan I realise that you have a way with words". I hope my words will impact readers greatly.

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